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Is China trying to destroy the way the USA works?


Do you believe China is trying to destroy the way the USA works?

While China and the US have had many years of building some kind of relationship related to business, which is all I am concerned about….you really have to consider just where they poke their nose…..

I mean come on, as businessman with a company, in a free country like US, that relies on many resources to get the job done, I am going to find and use the best resources to get the job done.

Now personally if I find out that some or all of my resources are using unscrupulous activities, product, base resources, yadda, yadda, yadda, then I have the choice, in a free country, to seek out another way to get my resources reliably from trusted resources and eventually stop using and paying  for suppliers that I  do not agree with…..anyway.

In a nutshell, “Why would anyone bite the hand that feeds them?”

As a very small businessman, I need to keep moving forward with my business and a reliable resource for whatever I am doing should not be effectively destroying my business.

If there is any indication to me there is destruction ahead in what I am doing,  and a resource I am using looks responsible for that destruction, interruption, pain, agony or just plain aggravation, making it harder for me to get the job done, then I am going to eliminate the source of aggravation as a part of my business policy moving forward.

Hmmmm…well, now that I recently have been led to believe that China and/or the Chinese Communist Party or CCP, that lives in China, is even or possibly trying to destroy the way USA works.

Basically no one is going to want to do business with me if I am busy shooting them in the foot at the same time, once they believe that is what is happening.

The other factor is, I am all about US Very Small Business and I could care less about doing any form of business with China or the CCP.

It is not going to change my life, therefore I decided, because of all the  confusion, if it says “Made in China” or indicates China in any shape, form or manner, then I am not going to buy into it, whatever it is……

Too bad I chose to be a computer tech, musician, writer and as person growing up in the US, I have always seen “Made in China” and figured hey no problem.

But now there is a problem….with anything related to China.
And this came about from one very small statement related to some kind of socialist or communist manifesto, that says, “we will win from within”.

I don’t know, I am confused and don’t even want to buy Chinese take out food anymore from the local restaurants. Who knows, it just may be my last meal.

On the other hand, I have no fear, except for the wrath of God, for some of my wanton ways.

In the mean time, if what I am dealing with has anything to do with China, I find another way!


More on that later maybe and Have a nice day! 🙂