Two Options Are Available

For Support Of US Businesses Only

1.) Contact Support via Phone or Text at


And Leave A Message
for Salvatore Zingale

If Your Issue Is More In-Depth Than A Quick Message Then….

2.) Open a Ticket at the


Very Small Business Network Help Desk

If Your Issue Is More In-Depth Enough To Help Other People With Their Very Small Business, It Will Become Publicly Available!

In Addition, You Will Be Referenced As The Inspiration For The Solution Of The Problem!



Contact via email was previously supported for all site visitors but is now limited to support of paid services.

Contact via email was closed due to numerous people trying to sell me something, even though these people were warned to not send any sales solicitations to the email address. Too Bad!

Is there an email list to join to get current information about Very Small Business?


Someday there may be a list, if you really want to be on it, and I do it!