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Should You Worry About Social Platforms…ETC.

Should You Really Worry About Social Platforms…And Other Miscellaneous Platforms… Youtube…..or Linked-In or  Amazon or Whatever….. 


I never have, they are what they are…..I joined Facebook years ago so I could play Farmville. Farmville ain’t around anymore.

Over the years of being on Facebook (a social site) I added some more info, added some of my own other pages and administered some pages for some of my business clients.

Other then that my business does not rely on Facebook or any other social site for that matter.

For the most part Facebook can go the way of MySpace. Like I said, it is just a social site I needed to join in order to be able to play Farmville.

Was I watched and studied by analysts and info gathered up about me while I use Facebook and Farmville and then possibly sold to somebody for some reason for some profit somewhere.  Maybe, I do not know, nor do I care. I am only disappointed Farmville is not around anymore

On the other hand, if your business and it’s assets rely on Facebook or any other social platform to conduct business and you end up not being able to conduct business that way anymore because of some rule changes on that platform, you better consider how to stay in business without that platform.

I been doing that for a long time and making changes as needed to survive in the business I am in.

If you need help figuring out what to do keep your business online, I can help you with that issue. It cost some money, not a lot, but it ain’t free either. Free is nice, when it’s tolerable, but sometimes free is not going to get the job done.