News Aggregation For United States Very Small Businesses

Gathering relevant news for any business, let alone very small business can be a daunting task just slightly above nearly impossible.

Why?  This type of exclusive business sector does not exist even though most of the U.S. business economy is based on businesses generating less than a million dollars of gross revenue.

Most of the time very small business or micro-business is rolled up into small business simply because in essence that is where it belongs. Most very small businesses are usually offshoot businesses run by a, now consultant, but formerly an executive, principal or key employee of a larger business.

Nowadays, and usually in rare cases does a very small business start in a garage and expand into something of a larger nature. Why? Pretty much everything related to any size business has been done at least once already and reinventing the wheel is not as important as becoming a spoke or a part of the hub of a current wheel.

The purpose of this area of the site is to bring together pieces of news information that may be relevant to any business. This area of the site is also going to require a little more work than the rest of the site since the research alone for relevant trusted news is a job in itself.

From this page you will probably eventually find sub-pages of news and information. Why? Because you the site visitor determines more of what is necessary for this page, not me the site admin! I could think of quite few things to place here but if it is irrelevant to what you are looking for, then it is useless as far as I am concerned. So have your say in the comment section below on any particular news you may be interested in seeing here on a regular basis.

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