Is The United States Of America Broken?

No! America is not broken! It is a republic.

Truly you could say it is the peoples republic of America.
The phrase sounds similar to or like the peoples republic of China.


The United States Of America may be little shaken and stirred but certainly it is not broken!

The United States Of America is the peoples republic. Fifty states agreed to cooperate in a united venture or corporation known as the United States of America. So if America ever becomes broken (or the shell of the corporation becomes pierced), then it will not be the United States anymore.

So what happens if the United States becomes broken?

Well if that happens, then America will become just a bunch of states.

Hey…Well maybe we the people can make a new corporation…huuuuuhhh….let’s say the Bunch Of States System corporation.

Then we will have to stop saying the U.S.A is our country and start saying the B.O.S.S. is our country.


Well what could the B.O.S.S. do that the U.S.A. could not do?

Probably the first order of business would be to adopt the old flag!

Unbroken Flag

Then adopt the old Declaration of Independence, the old Constitution and the old Bill of Rights.

Then select Senators and Congress people to operate the B.O.S.S.

Then institute……..more on that later!

Have a Great Day! 🙂

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