7 Dollar Ad listing For United States Business



As of 01 April 2017 this offer closed. 

See the $14 offer!

Why this offer closed?

This was a limited time offer to use an ad listing service to advertise any United States business for one year!

The $14 offer will also close after a limited number of sales!

The $14 offer is a direct (to JV Zoo vendor) offer paid through JV Zoo to the site owner.

JV Zoo affiliates can also sell this same offer for $14 (at a 50/50 split) but this offer closes after a limited number of sales!
Please remember, this $14 offer will also close after a limited number of sales at which time the offer will only be available at $29.

An affiliate program for the $29 offer is under consideration for the future.

A price increase to $59 for an annual subscription is also in the future.   That is less than 5 bucks a month to advertise your very small business for a year, which is still a great deal!

But today, the deal is only about $1.17 a month for your first year!

…and those are just some of the reasons why the offer closed!


Information below this sentence is here for review only and this page will be removed soon!



Ad listings can be used to list your own U.S. business or help any other U.S. business.

As of 01 April 2017
Once a maximum of 100  seven dollar ad listings are sold ( sales could be less than 100, depending on member use and site performance ), new ad listings at this one time price will no longer be available.

If sales are closed already for this offer see bottom of this page!


To Get Started Right Away

Create a free account at the site and prepare your ad listing.


Your $7.00 payment today is handled through JV Zoo and the free account you create will be upgraded to paid  by site administration, once payment is manually verified.

To Verify Your Payment For Ad Listing

You will need to provide your:

JVZoo payment receipt ( AP-0000000000000000 )
Ad Listing Title or Email Address
associated with the free account you have already set up before or after your payment.

Submit verification information here:


Information about the ad listing service is on this sites main page at:


There is also information on the ad listing site at:


Who is this type of ad listing site for?

Site is designed for very small business owner’s desiring an inexpensive way to advertise their business, products or services, collect customer leads  and drive customer’s to their business located anywhere in the United States.

A brick and mortar business benefits from the ad listing, due to the geo-location search feature and back office lead collection for business prospects.

The site is beneficial for any very small business in the United States and that business does not necessarily need to be a brick and mortar business.

Is there a refund for this offer?

This is just a seven dollar one time offer which should not even be refunded but yes there is refund. After one solid year of your use of the site through this purchase only, if you are unhappy with the service,  your $7.00 will be refunded.  IMPORTANT ( This 1 year refund only applies to this offer. )

Of course I expect you to get results with your ad listing but I cannot guarantee results since you are marketing your business, product or service on a generic site platform for very small business.

Be sure to make your ad listing title and content as exclusive as possible for your market and see what happens over the next year!

Based on the way search engines have been indexing the site, your listing should be exclusive for your business based on your listing title and the relevant content for your business, product or service.

Once you have published your business, product or service ad listing information, it should be left alone.  Any changes should be minimal.


Any questions, contact me through my name site or any forum where posted.

Thanks and Have A Great Day!

Salvatore Zingale Site Admin

Salvatore Zingale



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